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travelers guide to pokhara and Nepal

You don't have to go far in Lakeside
to find a travel agent.

Generally you will find one in the lobby of your hotel. This creates a bit of a predicament for it is easy to wonder who you should deal with? If you think about it you can understand that there is obviously money to be made in the travel arrangement business or why else would there be one on every block, and in every hotel and restaurant?

So where does this leave you as a traveller? Are they all the same? Will you get the same deal with everyone?

I use the same technique for travel agents that I use when making most purchases, I compare and shop around. If you find yourself being lead by someone to their brother's travel shop be aware that whoever is leading you will come back later for their cut in the deal. This is the way it is and getting upset about it won't help anything.

To further complicate the situation, the quality of the package that you get can vary considerably and look much the same in the agent's office. Promises are easy to make and even if you get your money back after a horrible trip that will hardly make up for the missing days and the discomfort.

I find it is best to talk with my hotel staff. Don't resign yourself to using their services or their packages, but talk with them. These people have the most to gain if you are happy and the most to lose if you are not. If they set you up with a rafting trip that barely floats, you will come back angry and move to a different hotel. Also your hotel staff get to know you personally and start taking a parental interest in you just as part of human and Nepali nature. They will almost always feel bad, at least, if you don't enjoy your experiencepokhara nepal travel agent.

So ask them who they recommend for a service and ask them why. Check with the bigger more established outfits for rafting and gliding packages. You will then know the prices at the source, but you can make points if you then go and book the same service at your hotel. It should still be the same price but your hotel will get a kickback.

For a guide, trekking or just sightseeing, listen to your hotel staff. Having a guide can make all the difference in your experience. Personally I enjoy getting lost and finding my way back again, you see the most unusual things, but if your schedule is tight spending a day walking in circles is probably not a good investment. Again your hotel staff are most likely (though not guaranteed, so stay awake and self-responsible!) to help you find the best experience. There is almost always someone working at your hotel who can take you out around town, three to five dollars and lunch should be a generous payment for a day. Don't be afraid to tip someone who has been especially good to you.

For women:

Women guides and porters are more and more common. Ask for one if you want, they are around though you may have to be persistant to find one. I very seldom hear about any actual abuses by Nepali men towards western women but just spending the day with someone who is thinking about it constantly can be annoying. If you are in Nepal chances are good that you have already been traveling in other foreign places and have learned a thing or two about how you need to present yourself so that you don't appear flirtatous. Be self aware, what are you communicating with your actions and how you dress? Even though most men in Lakeside will come off worldly and sophisticated they are still Nepalese and will tend to see things from a Nepalese point of view.

Tiny white lies are actually expected and acceptable to make it easier to get along. Talk about your husband lovingly, even if you don't have one. Try to understand what you represent to these men; you offer the potential to solve so many problems. A Nepalese passport restricts you from visiting 95% of the world, even with a good education your potential for advancement in Nepal is severely limited. Hooking up with a western woman is like winning the lottery in their eyes. Remember that so much of what they see when they look at you has nothing to do with you personally. Put yourself in their shoes and with a little care and thought you can be friendly, loving and respectful yet still find yourself treated as a sister.

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Suggested Travel Agent: Mirror Nepal Tours and Travels
Barahi Path, Lakeside
Tel: 0616-6152, 0614-64721, and 0616-91878
Email: mnepaltt@gmail.com or narayanpageni@hotmail.com

I have known Narayan for a very long time (15 years or more). He and his family are all very honorable people who will treat you with respect. When I put up this link to his website above, it was under construction. Hopefully it goes to a helpful functioning website by now. You can also find him on Facebook. Someone even made this nice little video, which might help you find the place. If not give him a call at one of the phone numbers above.

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