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Visiting Pokhara is an experience unique even compared to the general otherworldly uniqueness of Nepal as a whole.  If you can get to Kathmandu, do yourself a really great favor and carve out some time for this real life "Shangrila". I promise memories you will cherish a lifetime!

From most places in Pokhara the five massive Annapurna peaks and perfectly magnificent MachaPuchare crowd the northern horizon challenging your mind with their vast and impossible beauty. I kid you not, on a clear autumn day your eyes will swear that you could stroll on up and bring back some ice to cool the afternoon beer.  Hours spent staring, binoculars pressed to eyes, only heightens the mystery revealing them even more awe inspiring then you first might have guessed.

Pokhara is Nepal's second largest city and in the "overgrown village" motif so enchantingly popular in Kathmandu, Pokhara manages to sprawl about the Seti River as it splashes off of the Himalayas, slows slightly and then cuts through the foothills beyond.

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The interactive map below will help you understand the layout of Pokhara and Lakeside.  The photo above was taken a half mile north of Hollan Chowk looking west.

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