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Life in Nepal, from the Nepalese perspective

travelers guide to pokhara nepal, Annapurna south himalaya

I have always been fascinated with the Nepali perspective. It was never enough to visit the tourist areas, take the tourist tours and eat the tourist food. I was captivated by these unbelievably warm and hospitable people. I had to get past the barriers and into the reality of their lives.

I wanted to know more, to understand more. Here were people dignified in rags. Rich beyond measure yet poverty stricken nearly beyond compare. I only know the wealth that overflowed and rotted in my homeland left me feeling empty and hopeless. It could not compare with the wealth that overflowed the heart and soul of Nepal itself. Flowing like the monsoon rains, filling and overfilling.  Leaving something more valuable than what it washes away- even if takes everything away.

And so in pursuit of sharing and reaching across that difference of perspective, a chasm so wide that I often catch myself wondering that Nepal and the West share just a single planet.  I bring you poems and stories, photos and myths.  This and that to help you understand what its like to live and grow up, trapped in Shangri-La! -- Anam Kinsey


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The following Poems submitted by Surjay Gurung of Pokhara


I quit my school
Cause what shall I do
with a mere bread winning education ?
Why remain stuck in the world wide system ?

I would rather acquire that wisdom
which will illuminate my heart.
And getting which one is satisfied forever.

What have I got ?
Just nothing, exactly just nothing.
In the view point of having
then I am the poorest man.
Because I have got just nothing.
But in the view point of being
then I am the richest man.
Because when I drop ego, anger, hate, jealousy, possessiveness,
then I can share , love and compassion
That is what wise man’s suggestion.

Life is the pilgrimage towards death
Take this for guaranteed
From very beginning death is coming
From the moment of birth death has started coming
I have started moving towards death.

Life is growing
out of it death is flowering
There is no separation between the journey and the goal
The journey ends in the goal..

Always death is coming
Each moment I am dying
Because each moment I am changing
Something is slipping out of my being
And something is entering into my being
Each moment is a birth and a death
And it is each moment that is happening.

Remember, the clock is not running fast.
It is the life itself which is running fast.

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