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Pokhara Travel

The Internet Traveler's Guide to Pokhara's
hotels, restaurants, travel agents, tour guides and more.

And because there is so much more to Pokhara then business
 we also focus on Local life, Tourist life, Local Arts & Expressions!

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Hotels in Pokhara
Alphabetical order or by Hotel location

We include a rather large range of accommodations in this "Hotel" category.
We make a very sincere effort to include every accommodation from the five stars right on down to the spare rooms in the back of peoples houses.  Anything we can find or hear about gets mentioned, so if you know something that isn't already on our list, please drop us a line.    
Currently we are undergoing an investigation into a rather lengthy list of accommodations.  We are going over the phone numbers and contact info so you don't have to waste your time doing it.   Soon the categories below will link to pretty pages with maps, photos and other helpful stuff.
    Until it is finished, sorry to say, you will have to make do with the list either
in alphabetical order or by hotel location.

Starred Hotels

Nice Comfortable Places

The Real Bargains

If someone has taken the time to give a hotel a rating involving stars then I assume that they already have their advertisement program in place.  Essentially they don't need my help, however just on the off chance that you hobble back from the circuit trek in the mood to splurge we give honorable mention to the Stars here. Lakeside has some remarkably wonderful places.  Hotels and Guest Houses that will seem luxurious to any traveler with even a smidgen of seasoning. Most Lakeside hotels are in this category and are usually considered a great bargain if you value such things as fabulous views, private baths, solar hot water, thick mattresses and helpful staff. For those Travel addicts struggling to stay away from home for an extra few weeks, I hear you.  Lakeside is a fantasy come to life! Who can be blamed for getting addicted?  Here are tips to finding the real bargains with actual addresses and phone numbers for all we could find.

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